May 20, 2011 at 5:38 PM (Actionscript) (, , )

Trying to demonstrate clone stamp tool in actionscript…
In the demo tool there will be two windows one source window from which the image data will be cloned and the target window over which the cloned image is drawn

+ You can load image from your local disk into the source window which will be the source of cloning
+ Similarly you can also load a image into target window which will be the background for the drawing or you can leave it blank
+ If you want to change the color of the target window background use the color chooser just below the target window
+ Adjust the brush size from slider below
+ Click over the source window to define the beginning point to clone
+ Click and draw over the target window
+ Click eraser to erase the drawn image or clear to clear everything(clears drawn image not background)
+ Use blend mode to blend the drawn image with the background

Try the demo here
Download source files:
Link 1: clone_stamp_v1_1_1.zip – 214.5 KB
Link 2: clone_stamp_v1_1_1.zip – 214.5 KB


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